...Accessing Email Server

From: e.sneer@scslaw.com

To: j.bozo@badcorp.com

CEO Bozo,

That little indiscretion has now been cleared up, hopefully to your satisfaction. You will be required to make a suitable donation to the policeman's ball, but we have avoided any public scrutiny in the major papers, although there is always the possibility of a local newspaper covering the story. Have no fear; we will bury it in litigation if anything gets published.

We took the liberty of procuring and expunging all copies of your police record, including your fingerprints, with the obvious exception of the record kept in our own digital filing system on our floor of the Tower. Just to ensure the smooth running of our partnership for the future.

- Ed Sneer

Senior Partner

Sue Cripple & Sneer


From: security@badcorporate.com

To: j.bozo@badcorporate.com...


We oversaw the installation of the 'Island Getaway' system today. Please memorise the passcode and then destroy the note or it will pose a security leak. If you ever need a reminder, you can just search the GPS coordinates via your private security server. You might need to zoom out a little to see the island.

- T. Cohen

Chief of Security


From: security@badcorporate.com

To: j.bozo@badcorporate.com

Instructions for running the "Mecha-Shark" - Killbot 9000 Mk. 2 Model 1500


We have completed installation the Killbot 9000 Mk. 2 Model 1500 (“The Mecha-shark”) that Dr. R. Nick set up for us. Early test runs were less successful than intended. I have dealt with the consequences - no-one will miss those Delivery Drivers. If they do, it was a tragic accident.

That said, I had to speak to the good doctor a few times in order to reset the Mecha-Shark. As a result we’ve made the decision that we will both get sent the reset codes from now on (the system generates a unique one for each subsequent reset rather than one we can use all the time).

The Mecha-Shark cannot be disabled electronically - we need fear no hacker! Only a verbal command from myself or Dr Nick can turn it off.

All of the creases have been ironed out of the system now. The Mecha-Shark is online.


If you have any questions please let me know,


P.S. If there is an emergency in which I cannot be reached, Dr. Nick can assist you as well - if you can drag them away from those blasted bears they love so much!